Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving this year, we are spending 20 days at J-Ma and Papa Pete's house.  Jack is traveling the week before and the week after Thanksgiving, so we figured we would have a nice long visit!  Our first outing was to Sky Zone, a trampoline park!  The two blurs on either side of Papa Pete are Duncan and Elsie!

We spent some time outside, taking a hike in the woods, walking around the backyard, walking up and down the steps in the front of the house (Duncan), swinging on the tree swing (Elsie), and relaxing in the hammock.  We all got pretty sick, so we didn't go to as many places as we had planned.

Elsie has been having a lot of fun building with Lincoln Logs!

On Thanksgiving, we enjoyed spending time with Uncle Pete and Aunt Kate, and Aunt Becky, Big Eddie, and Little Eddie.

In fact, for the 3 days he was here, Elsie and Little Eddie were pretty inseparable.  They had a ton of fun playing in a fort in the living room!!

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