Friday, November 4, 2011

Duncan is 22 weeks old

Finally a new blog post! Five Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 22 weeks old!
Duncan's hair was getting in his eyes, so I decided it was time for his first haircut! We did it right on the changing table, and it went great. Check out the new shorter cut in these end-of-week photos!

When I am getting dressed in the morning or need to get some laundry done, I will put Duncan in the crib with the mobile on. Then I hand him this super soft giraffe all wound up playing "Twinkle Twinkle." He will normally grab on and start mouthing it!
Within the course of taking a few photos, he had flung the giraffe above his head and grabbed on to his pants instead!
It has gotten cooler outside, but we are still taking advantage of the sun to get out to the park. Duncan prefers being in the Baby Bjorn to the stroller these days. And Elsie prefers to be in the stroller.
Duncan has gotten big enough to swing! He doesn't go very high yet, but he seems to enjoy it.
Of course, he really loves it when Elsie pushes him!
After the park, Duncan was in a great mood, and we got some great shots snuggling with Daddy.
Daddy and Duncan!
I have a tongue!
I was in the kitchen doing the dishes, and I heard Elsie and Duncan playing nicely together! So cute!
Duncan is loving "the office" these days. He has figured out how to get the toys in his mouth.
And give me great big smiles at the same time!
Duncan had another fun week at school. It was time to harvest the vegetables they had planted this summer, and Duncan got to experience a carrot.
Duncan and Avery in the triangle mirror.

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