Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Elsie got to celebrate Halloween at school this year by dressing up for the "Dress up in Words" Vocabulary word parade. She was assigned the word "bells." Elsie made her own bracelets and anklets by stringing the beads onto the elastic string.
And on Halloween morning, she got dressed up as bells!
And she was very excited to demonstrate the jingling bells.
On the afternoon of Halloween, Elsie got dressed as the princess Cinderella and Duncan became a panda bear.
It was a nice cool afternoon, so our panda bear had fuzzy green paws!
Elsie was excited to go trick or treating for candy this year.
We made it to a few houses before we came back home for our first break.
And Elsie enjoyed her first snack.
Yum! Pretzels!
Then it was time to go back out for some more candy!
Duncan did a great job on his first Halloween. Our adorable panda!
Mommy's friend, Serena, was in town and came by to enjoy Halloween with us. Go Big Red!

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