Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Duncan is 25 weeks old

Four weeks ago, Duncan turned 25 weeks old.

Duncan is now a grabber! He has gotten really good at grabbing his toys, waving them around, and passing them from one hand to the next.
Look at how fast that rattle is moving!
One of Duncan's favorite toys at the moment is this soft book. It crinkles when he touches it and he loves to hear the noise.
He can lay on his back and play with this book for 10 minutes at a time!
He likes to put the book in his mouth and the crinkling can get so loud!
Here is a great video of Duncan playing with his book.
The book can even keep him occupied during tummy time!
Duncan has also started going crazy for this ball.
He uses two hands to bat it around and try to grab onto it.
Here is a video of Duncan enjoying the ball!

Duncan has also started sitting up by himself at home!
Duncan has been doing great at school.
They are still getting to go outside and experience all that fall as to offer.
He is practicing sitting at school in the Bumbo. Elsie likes to pick out the Bumbo for him to use in the morning when we drop off Duncan in the Infant room.

Arranging pumpkins as part of their artist explorations.

And every one's favorite finger painting!

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