Friday, November 25, 2011

Autumn Adventures

We have been having a lot of fun this Fall. Elsie often initiates playing "train" on Mommy or Daddy with both Duncan and Elsie piled on one of our laps for some "choo chooing."
We have been outside raking leaves. Duncan is such a content baby that he just comes along for the ride.
Elsie has gotten old enough to actually help us...when she is not running through the leaf piles.
Elsie jumped into the leaves and asked for me to cover her up and take a picture. So cute!
Our neighbor works for a museum that had a scarecrow building activity. Sandy brought over the extra materials, and we got to make a scarecrow, too!
He was prominently displayed on our front porch for the Halloween season.
Daddy cozied up with the kids for a great picture.
On Fridays, we have been having a lot of fun hanging out at the house.
We get to do something fun every Friday. This time, we went to the park. Elsie climbed up, smiled real pretty, and asked "Don't you want to take my picture?"
At a birthday party for a neighbor, Elsie learned about static electricity with a balloon!

We took this great picture one Friday to send to Daddy at work

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