Saturday, November 26, 2011

Duncan turns 27 weeks old

Three Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 27 weeks old. During this week, he had his 6 month checkup. Duncan weighted 19lb 8oz, measured 27.5" in length and his head circumference was 44.7cm. Duncan's length and weight have moved down into the 85th percentile range.

In can now leave Duncan alone when he is sitting up. I put the boppy around him, just to be sure he is OK. This has allowed us to bring down a whole bunch of new toys that can be enjoyed when sitting up!
Duncan really likes watching the fire in our stove. He reminds me of my Papa on holidays.
Duncan loves to interact with us by laughing, talking, jumping around, or just going crazy! Check out these videos.
Duncan and Elsie have a lot of fun playing together. Elsie helps entertain Duncan when we are getting dinner ready at night.
Duncan really laughs now when he is tickled. It is so much fun!
Duncan has been learning some new things at school, including feathers.

They still like playing with clay at school, too.
The teachers have brought out a few fun activities for fall. Duncan really liked the leaves hanging from his toy bar.

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