Friday, December 9, 2011

Duncan is 28 weeks old

Four Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 28 weeks old!

He is sitting well now, especially when there is something in front of him to grab on to. Elsie and Duncan play very nicely together...when they can both use a toy at the same time!
We have brought down some new toys for Duncan. He is having a lot of fun banging on the pianos!
Sometimes he gets so excited that he tips right over!
This week, Duncan had a playdate with his friend, Anya. Anya live right next door and is only 2.5 weeks younger than Duncan. Sandy and I think they will be great friends!
Anya was very interested in Duncan and kept reaching out for him. It took Duncan a little while to notice she was there...typical boy!
Duncan is still loving the jumper! I can get a few minutes of computer work done in the office with Duncan in the jumper.
Duncan helped Daddy with the last of the leaves this week. It was warm but very windy out! It is so hard to bag leaves in the wind!
Duncan enjoyed his time outside in the exersaucer!
Duncan is still a very smiley baby at school! They have been studying the color red.
I am having so much fun painting with my red paint and red apple.
Time to get serious about my artwork!

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