Friday, December 16, 2011

Elsie is Star Student

Each week, a different student in the Preschool Prep room is the Star Student. On Monday, the Star Student presents pictures about their life. Throughout the week, these pictures are posted on the Star Student board. In addition, the Star Student gets to be the "concierge" and hold the door open for the class. Elsie was the Start Student for a week in November, and here were her pictures.
At first, Elsie started so small
And now she is so tall
Elsie's favorite book is Dora's Rainbow Egg Hunt
Her favorite food is pizza
This is her favorite yoga pose.
And her favorite song is the "ABCs"
Elsie had two cats, Betty and Lazarus
Elsie's family
Elsie and her brother, Duncan
Happy Elsie playing outside
And Elsie with her cousins, John and Leah

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