Friday, December 23, 2011

Duncan is 31 weeks old

Duncan turned 31 weeks old three Wednesdays ago.

Duncan is getting pretty good with his baby food, eating 3 small servings each day. He really likes to help with the feedings by grabbing the spoon!
Sometimes he helps guide the spoon to his mouth. Other times, I think he is trying to get the spoon into his ear or eye or something.
Elsie has been helping Duncan get into the Christmas spirit! Sure, the hat has sequins on it, but Duncan still loves it!
Duncan is absolutely in love with his monkey! It moves around singing, and Duncan just squeals and laughs! The monkey is supposed to encourage babies to get up a crawl. No such luck yet, but we still have a great time with the monkey.
Monkey monkey monkey!
Elsie likes to join us when we play on the ground. We all end up wrestling, tickling, rolling around and laughing.
Duncan has suck a great laugh!
And of course, hop on pop is a favorite!

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