Sunday, April 25, 2010


J-Ma and Papa Pete came out to Illinois for Easter. We had a lot of fun. Elsie showed off two of her favorite things: blocks and belly buttons!

We went to a small zoo near our house. I was so impressed with our little Elsie when she saw the cow and said "Moo!" What a smart baby!
When we got to the sheep and the 3-day old lamb, Elsie said "Moo!" And the pigs? Also "Moo!" OK, so not the genius baby I first thought. But I am thrilled that her favorite farm animal is a cow!
Elsie says quite a few words now in addition to her signs. And by "words" I mean sounds that are similar to the actual words that only Mom and Dad can decipher. We love it! Some of these words include: hat, help, sock, duck, arm, eye, up, banana, an coat.

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