Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin carving and meetings

After a fun day at the Elmhurst Fall Fest, we brought our pumpkins back home to carve.

Elsie was initially bummed that we wouldn't get to paint the pumpkins, but it really looks like she was enjoying herself doesn't it?!  We had to explain to her that this is the way Mommy and Daddy used to decorate their pumpkins when we were younger!  

Duncan was equally grossed out by the feeling of the insides!

After our hard work, we were able to display them outside for our neighbors to enjoy.  Of course, we could only leave them outside for a few hours each evening while the candles were burning.  Otherwise, the squirrels would have eaten them.

Elsie and Mommy worked on this pumpkin.  Elsie drew the eyes, nose, and mouth, and helped Mommy cut out the mouth.

Duncan and Daddy carved this pumpkin.  Duncan loved helping Daddy with the knife.  And Daddy had fun experimenting with eyebrows!

When the kids ask Daddy what he did at work, he often says he went to meetings.  So one day, Elsie and Duncan decided to have a meeting.  They set up all the chairs and invited others to join their meeting, including Rody, Sophie, and Peanut Butter.  Yep.  I am sure this meeting was as effective as some of Daddy's meetings!

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