Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Grandma Jan and Grandpa John came for a visit over New Years. Elsie demonstrated some of her new tricks! Elsie really enjoys reading...the same book over and over again. This is probably familiar for you veteran parents, but Jack and I think it is kind of funny. Here is Elsie picking out a book, carrying it over to Grandma Jan, and becoming completely engrossed as the book is read.

Elsie also demonstrated her desire to redecorate our house. She likes to push the furniture around. Here, Elsie left the end table in the middle of the walkway.

Elsie is walking on her own, and she now wishes she could run. So, Elsie still hitches a ride (here with Grandma) or grabs on to her walker to go really fast. She just walks or runs circles around the house. When Elsie is really happy, she smiles real wide and throws her head back! Fortunately, Elsie is hanging on here. Otherwise, she just loses her balance and lands on her bum.

The grandparents watched Elsie so Jack and I could go out for New Years Eve. We actually stayed awake for the whole thing (and greatly enjoyed sleeping in while guests at Scott and Jill's!!).

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  1. You guys look great!! Love the 2010 head band! :) Kristi, didnt get to see your AWESOME hair cut before - LOVE IT!