Sunday, January 31, 2010

Elsie is 50 weeks old

Elsie turned 50 weeks old on Tuesday.

We had fun on Saturday morning opening up some packages! Elsie was oblivious to the fact that some of them were her birthday presents!

Jack and I were working on a recipe on Saturday for a yummy dinner with friends. Elsie had fun helping us and enjoyed playing with the celery. (She did not enjoy eating the celery at snack time.) Elsie likes to give the cats her favorite toys through the cat hole that leads to the basement. We later found a celery stick on the other side of the door! What a thoughtful baby!

Elsie had another great week at school playing with paint, bubble wrap, and play-doh.

Elsie is very loving to the little baby Emma at school. The teachers tell us that Elsie likes to give Emma kisses and help get Emma out of the car seat in the morning. I doubt Emma's parents are as excited about the germ swapping.

Here is the newsletter from school

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