Monday, July 18, 2011

Duncan is ten weeks old

Duncan turned 10 weeks old on Wednesday. During his tenth week, Duncan had his two month checkup. He did great with the immunizations - in fact, they helped keep him asleep during our crazy airport and airplane experience later that afternoon (3 hours on the tarmac, flight cancellation, sprinting to another terminal to try to make a flight on another airline, loaner car seat, and another night at home before finally getting on a 6:00am flight the next morning to PHL). Our big boy weighed in at 15 lbs (97.5 percentile), measured 24.5 in (95th percentile), and his head circumference was 41.1cm (~80th percentile).

Daddy and Duncan have been practicing with the bottle for a few weeks. We had some rough attempts, but this week Duncan consistently took his daily bottle with minimal fussing. This allowed Elsie the opportunity to help me give Duncan a bottle for the first time!
Duncan has 3-4 very social periods throughout the day. Duncan lays on the blanket giving me big smiles and coos, moving his legs and arms around like crazy. Within a few minutes, he will have the bottom of the blanket all bunched up under his legs from moving them around so much. He likes to look at the toys we hold up for him and likes to read books with us - his eyes open very wide each time I turn the page! When he starts to get a little fussy, he likes to have his legs massaged and see his Mommy again. He is my big cutie-pa-tootie!

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  1. So excited to finally meet Duncan and spend some time with him and Elsie!!! They are the cutest! :) Such a Beautiful Family!