Saturday, October 10, 2009

Elsie turns 34 weeks old

Elsie turned 24 weeks old on Tuesday. Dad had camera duty and, without knowing it, put Elsie in the same outfit as last week!

Elsie is officially crawling! See the progress below! She can only go about 2 feet before she flops onto her stomach and starts crying, but we are all very excited! The babyproofing has begun.

Mom still enjoys searching for toys and baby equipment at yard sales. Elsie has been having a lot of fun helping dad play with his new basketball net on the garage, so I bought an Elsie-sized one!

Super cute church outfit (found the skirt at a yard sale)!

We took our new ($15 at a yard sale) jogging stroller out for a spin over the weekend.

It has been a hard year cheering for the Illini. Fortunately, I think Elsie's shirt may be big enough to make it to basketball season.

The update from Elsie's school:

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