Sunday, February 21, 2010

Elsie turns 1 year old

Elsie turned 1 year old on February 10!!
The weekend prior, we celebrated Elsie's birthday. Here are a few highlights:
A new pony! Elsie wasn't so sure at first, but it is now one of her favorite toys. Who wouldn't love a rocking, singing pony? (Note the coordinated dress!)

Compared to Christmas, Elsie was much more into opening presents this time. I think it is just because she wanted to eat the paper...

Jack blew up a few balloons, and Elsie loved them! We were just waiting for her super sharp fingernails to pop one, but we escaped that adventure this time!

Elsie took a time out from opening presents to give me a kiss and point out a few of my facial features. (The nose is Elsie's favorite on Jack and I, with my earrings as a close second. Occasionally she will throw in an eye or mouth. On herself, Elsie only points out her ears.)

Elsie enjoyed toppling over her new blocks. She is doing the sign for more in the photo, asking that we stack up the blocks again for her to knock over.

Cake time! I really have no idea what I am doing when it comes to decorating cakes. My sister-in-law does some great cakes for her kids, so I will have to ask her for a lesson next time. Even though the icing was messy, it was super yummy!

Elsie licked some frosting, but really was not very interested in the cake. We tried several times that day without much luck. Turns out that Elsie had started to get a fever and just wasn't feeling that great. We will have to try again another time.

The last picture is the sign for "all done."
This has been the most amazing year! I cannot believe our baby is now a little girl.


  1. My Gosh! She just keeps getting cuter. Great job on the cake. I've started knitting Elsie's sweater.
    Hugs and kisses to Elsie, Grandma Jan