Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

We decided to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at our own house - just the five of us!  We spent most of Christmas Eve in our pajamas making final Christmas preparations, and then got all dressed up after nap time.  We had some crackers, cheese and pepperoni for snack and then went to church, where Elsie got to dress as an angel and Duncan as a cow to act out the nativity scene.  On the way home, we noticed some luminaires on a side street, and decided to take a short drive...well, the drive was not so short - there were blocks upon blocks where every home had lit luminaires along the curb (most having to shovel the snow off the curb first!)  We all really loved it!  Then we headed home for some egg nog, fudge, and cookies!

Duncan absolutely loved the egg nog!  Elsie did not - so I got to have two glasses!


We finally got to eat some candy canes off the tree too!

Our happy Isaac!

Sticky, sticky Duncan

So minty!

We took our family Christmas photo.  Isaac is blurry because he just couldn't stop moving!
Silly Christmas picture!

After reading "The Night Before Christmas," we headed to bed to wait for Santa Claus!!

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