Thursday, January 30, 2014

Isaac is 24 weeks old

Isaac turned 24 weeks old on Monday.

He was so interested in the blanket that he pulled it right down on top of himself!!

Isaac has mastered all 5 veggies and rice cereal.  He is now moving on to oatmeal and fruit!

Elsie was so proud to feed Isaac some oatmeal!  And then I had to take over when Isaac started going for the bowl!

We have the jumper toy down in the basement, so Isaac uses it less frequently.  The last time we were down there, though, Isaac was all about it!!  He just kept marching in place!

Look Mom!  No boppy!

Isaac can now sit by himself (although I still normally use the Boppy as a back up if I am not behind him).  He can reach down and grab the toys he wants and then "plays" with them.  At the moment, playing with his toys means eating them!

All of my boys playing together!!

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