Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas #2 with the Bullards

When we returned home from the farm, we were all very excited to try out our new toys. Elsie improvised a little and turned the Elephant into a blow-dryer! Duncan thought this was hilarious!
Betty found a new box to sit in. Just the perfect size for our little Betty.
Then J-Ma, Papa Pete, Uncle Pete and Aunt Kate came to visit. Uncle Pete and Aunt Kate have a great camera and were great photographers for the weekend.
Snuggling up with Papa Pete...
...and J-Ma!
Our serious little man with Aunt Kate.
And then it was Christmas #2!
You have to read the card first Duncan!
How does this toy work? "Can I have a quarter, please"
Chomp chomp chomp!
"Can I open another present?"
J-Ma made Elsie this super cool scarf.
Elsie was so excited!
Duncan got a elephant-bank and Elsie walked around collecting change for him too.
A talking Dora the Explorer!
And she comes with a camera in her backpack!
There's a smiley Duncan getting tickled by the turtle puppet.
"Can I try them on?" Elsie loves new clothes!
And wearing them all at once!
Hop on Uncle Pete!
Aunt Becky and Aunt Candice both Skyped in so we could share some Christmas with them, too.
Elsie had fun talking with her family on the computer.
Aunt Kate caught some great shots of Lazarus...
...and Betty.

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