Sunday, January 15, 2012

O Christmas Tree!

The week after the Polar Express, we started getting all of the decorations out, including the Santa hats.
Elsie really loved wearing hers...and loved putting Duncan's on too.
We went to a local church to pick out our tree. I had these fun memories of tree shopping when I was younger, but Elsie and Duncan weren't in the mood for Christmas tree shopping. It was cold, and Elsie was not loving the snowpants I made her wear in the car. And Duncan was just too sleepy.
We just pushed the tree right into the car between Elsie and Duncan.

After Daddy put the tree into the stand, we started hanging the ornaments.
Elsie was a really big help hanging all of the ornaments. There are a lot of ornaments right at Elsie's eye level on the tree! Especially on the front of the tree!
And Duncan was excited to grab at the bright, shiny balls!

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