Sunday, January 15, 2012

Duncan is 32 weeks old

Duncan turned 32 weeks old five Wednesdays ago!
Duncan is thinking about crawling...and not liking the idea.

Great job pushing your shoulders up so high Duncan! He can do this for about a minute...
...before he starts crying out for help!
But he is really enjoying standing! I propped him up at the chair, and he was pretty excited! He promptly fell down as soon as I took this picture. I think we have a few head bumps in our near future!

Duncan had a lot of fun at school this past week. Playing with blue play doh.
Walking along the new texture mat.
So excited to feel the great textures on his bare feet! And he is standing!
The class also did paper mache.
The teachers told us that Duncan had the longest attention span of the class during this activity. When they finished up, Duncan was so upset.

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