Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Cookies!

We baked many Christmas Cookies this year! Duncan isn't quite old enough to be super helpful, so Daddy strapped him into the Baby Bjorn and kept him safe behind the apron.
Elsie and Daddy kept a very close eye on the cookies!
We made fudge again this year, and did a better job this time. It gets a little tricky on the induction stove. Elsie immediately brought her stool over to the cutting board.
She found a small piece just calling out her name.
Yum!! Fudge!
Mommy's friend, Kristin, came over to help make some cookies. And Elsie showed her how to decorate them with sprinkles.
Elsie helped get the dough ready to cut the shapes. She pressed it down onto the floured surface.
And then rolled it out with the rolling pin.
So very carefully.
Even Duncan helped cut some cookies. And when I wasn't watching, he snuck some into his mouth. He didn't have any complaints, and didn't get salmonella either. Phew.
Then he got a hold of the spatula. Big shiny metal thing!
Time to wave it around!
These need more sprinkles! Elsie was very attentive to detail, making sure that every cookie was covered with sprinkles. We had a lot of fun, and the cookies were so yummy!

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