Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Staycation 2011 - Morton Arboretum

We kicked off our staycation over the weekend with a block party and a birthday party for one of Elsie's friends. On Monday, we hit the Morton Arboretum. Elsie and Daddy got a head start, and by the time Duncan and I caught up with them, they were throwing rocks in the stream as other mothers were saying "No throwing the rocks!" to their children.
We had a lot of fun over at the tree roots slide. For the first time, Elsie was able to climb up the ladder in the cave. After about 5 minutes, I asked Elsie why she was just sitting there playing with the wood chips. She said she was just waiting patiently for a boy to finish climbing up the ladder (in the background). What a patient monkey!
Pumping the water. Take a look at Elsie's left hand. Elsie does this with her hands subconsciously when she is trying something really physical. It is really obvious when she hops like a bunny.
Wading in the stream...starting to get very wet!
Elsie was a pro on the bridges this time, completely mastering the toddler bridge.
Time for a lunch break! Duncan was thrilled to see that spider bug had made the trip!
Stream number two...getting even more wet!
Mommy and Duncan hung out in the shade watching Elsie play in the stream and climb the big rocks.
Climbing all the way to the top!
Made it!
Elsie tried the ropes, but didn't make it very far. Maybe next year!
Elsie walked on the big kids bridges all by herself!
Up, up, up at the end of the bridge.
Hi Mom! One more time!

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