Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Duncan turns 15 weeks old

A few Wednesdays ago (on Aug 17 to be exact), Duncan turned 15 weeks old. Its hard to take good pictures these days...he is so tired after school!
You'll notice the dark blue ring around his collar...Duncan has stopped spitting up so much, and has replaced this volume with drool. He's not teething, but it sure seems like he is!
We tried out the exersaucer. Duncan enjoyed it for only a few minutes. He likes to stand, but isn't quite strong enough to keep his body upright for longer than that. The rim was plenty full pf drool when we were done though!
Jill was in town for a shower and stopped by for a visit with her parents. Always a good time with Jill!
Elsie likes to do what Duncan is doing. This often means tummy time!
Or lifting her legs in the air just like Duncan.
Trying out tummy time on a new surface. Hi Duncan!
We got a lot of good pictures from school this week. Outside in the stroller.
Hi duck!
I have been told by the teachers that Duncan doesn't get a lot of time under this toy. As soon as it comes out, the older infants all run over and want to play with it. So when the big kids are in the table, Duncan gets it all to himself!
Exploring spaghetti during edible art day!

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