Sunday, August 14, 2011

Duncan turns 13 weeks old

Two Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 13 weeks old.
He looks so big until you sit him next to Elsie!
We cleaned off a few big apparatuses for Duncan this week. Since he loves to stand, we tried him in this jumper. He really seemed to like it! He doesn't actually jump yet, but it does allow him to stand independently. Elsie pushes her baby in the jumper like it is a swing...I'll need to keep a close eye on her when Duncan is in it!

Duncan is really reaching for his toys now. Here, he is reaching for his bug friends on his crib's mobile.
And then give Mommy a nice, big smile!
Duncan started school this week, and I went back to work. Duncan is joining Elsie at Elmhurst Academy. His first day at school was water day!

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