Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Staycation 2011 - Chicago

On Tuesday, we headed into downtown Chicago. Elsie has a book, "Goodnight Chicago," which lists out many of the fun things to do in Chicago. As we toured downtown, we took out the book to compare what we were seeing. Elsie loved it! Out first stop was the Children's Museum at Navy Pier, where Elsie got to be a firefighter!
Then she was a builder. Elsie really enjoyed placing the bolts in the holes, adding the washer, and then screwing on the nuts. The area was definitely geared for older kids, but Elsie had a lot of fun. It helped that we were there early on a weekday, so we had a lot of space to ourselves.
Then we dug for dinosaur bones. Elsie was less of a fan of this exhibit - I realized on this trip that she likes to be able to run around or climb up onto the exhibits. No running, no climbing, no fun.
The museum has so much stimulation! Duncan found something on the ceiling to watch in this exhibit.
After the museum, we hit some of the Navy Pier attractions. First up was Thomas the train... strategically located right next to the food court!
Then we hit the carousel. Unfortunately, the Ferris wheel was broken, so we missed our chance to ride the big Ferris wheel.
Then we went to the Ohio St. beach just a couple blocks from Navy Pier. It was during nap time, so I didn't think we would be there for very long. But I was wrong! Elsie loved it, and never once complained that the Lake Michigan water was cold! She thought the mini waves were great. Someday, we'll make it to the ocean with real waves!

We brought our shovel and pail and made some sand humps. Before they made it to castle status, Elsie patted them down!

We even practiced our swimming!
Duncan took a nap for most of our beach adventure. When he woke up, Mommy and Duncan hung out in the tent for a while nursing and playing.
Then Duncan got his bathing suit on (mostly to protect him from the sun). We had a great conversation with a German woman who was visiting Chicago for a few days, and she took a great family photo for us. So crazy to be on a beach next to such tall buildings!
Before we headed back home, we stopped for a creamy sweet treat. Ben and Jerry's ice authentic for Chicago!

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