Monday, August 1, 2011

Duncan turns 12 weeks old

On Wednesday, Duncan turned 12 weeks old. My smiley boy! He achieved a major milestone this week - sleeping through the night!! I am so proud of him...and so very thankful, as I return to work very soon.

Duncan is turning over onto his side more frequently...often in search of a thumb. The bib tends to get in the way, so we have started taking the bib off during playtime.
Duncan has just started reaching for items above his head, like the fish. He can't really control his arms yet, so it just looks like he is swatting at the fish.
Duncan took his first dip in the Elmhurst pool. Since he is not quite old enough for sunscreen, he gets to wear this super cool bathing suit!
Elsie continues to be a helpful big sister, showing Duncan toys when he starts to fuss.
She gets a little frustrated when Duncan doesn't listen to her. "Duncan want to hold the rattle?" "Mommy see if Duncan hold the rattle."

Elsie also practices being a good sister with her baby (recently named Duncan) by reading her books, singing and rocking her when she is crying, patting her back gently to burp her, taking her for a walk, etc. It is really fascinating to watch her learn by observing me with Duncan.

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