Sunday, August 14, 2011

Duncan turns 14 weeks old

Duncan turned 14 weeks old on Wednesday.

Laughing at Mommy already!
We are adjusting to our new work and school schedule. When we get home, Jack starts working on dinner and I start playing with Duncan and Elsie. Elsie likes to try Duncan in all of the contraptions we have for babies. Duncan doesn't seem to care for the Bimbo chair very much - he tells me this by spitting up every time he sits in it! But I love this picture because Elsie put her arm around Duncan as I read them a story! Such great siblings!
Grandma and Grandpa came up to do some babysitting so Jack and I could have a date at the Cubs game. Grandma did a great job taking care of baby Duncan!
And Elsie and Grandpa read a lot of stories!
We updated our family photo before heading out to the game.
Duncan rolls over to his side a lot...and almost onto his belly! I rarely find him laying in the same spot that I left him in. Elsie likes to come an tell me when Duncan has rolled over - she is so proud of her little brother.
Elsie gets to visit Duncan anytime she wants at school. Unfortunately, Elsie is typically having too much fun to go visit Duncan. At the end of the day she tells me "Tomorrow I ask Mrs. Webber to go see Duncan."
As the youngest baby in the room, Duncan gets priority seating in the triangle mirror. Everywhere he looks, there is a gorgeous baby staring back at him!

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