Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mosquitoes, bubbles, and bikes

Elsie is a mosquito magnet! She got a bite on her eyelid, and it swelled shut the next day. A call to our pediatrician assured us that it hurt Mommy and Daddy more than it did Elsie. We spent a lot of time that day with an ice pack!
We brought out a new jumbo bubble toy. Jack and I couldn't make it work at all, but Elsie was great! She made a lot of huge bubbles...until she knocked it over!
We also found out last weekend that Elsie can pedal her bike! Before I went back to work, we were going outside everyday before and after dinner. We would practice on the bike, but Elsie could really only pedal when going downhill. I knew they were practicing at school, but we hadn't been practicing at home for a few weeks. Then, Elsie surprised us, going both up and down the small slopes of our driveway!

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