Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Duncan is 16 weeks old

Last Wednesday, Duncan turned 16 weeks old. I got better pictures by taking them in the morning! So prepared!

Its getting harder to catch Duncan's attention on the blanket. He was really engrossed in the ladybug on this day!
Duncan enjoys standing or sitting and then chomping on my finger. He just gnaws at my finger with his little baby gums, drooling everywhere.
Duncan is getting really good at rolling over when he is on his back. He rolls over to mouth the blanket...
or to reach for his favorite spider bug.
Sometimes he goes too far and ends up on his belly. He is OK with this for a couple minutes, especially if there is something fun to look at. But, he gets really mad when he ends up on his belly in his crib. Duncan wakes up 2-3 times each night, sometimes asking to be flipped over (which only requires us to help him back to sleep for 15 minutes), and sometimes wanting to eat and fuss (which requires about an hour of attention). We were so proud when our little guy slept through the night right before I went back to work. Now those nights seem so long ago!
Duncan still has beautiful blue eyes. Maybe he will end up with Phipps eyes in the long run!
Duncan has started holding rattles that we put in his hand. He doesn't really notice the rattle is there. It just goes along for the ride!
Duncan talking to me!
Duncan does a good job reaching for the frog on his seat these days, playing music for us all. Elsie gets so excited when he plays the music!
Duncan has also started razzing this week, adding to the already abundant drool! He likes to do it before bath time, and I am happy to razz him right back on his nakey belly!
Another couple pictures from school. On his boppy, sucking his fingers, looking at a sensory bag in front of the triangle mirror next to Riley. And I wonder when he is so exhausted when he comes home each day!
The teachers tell us that he is so smiley at school!

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