Friday, July 12, 2013

June Fun in the Sun

We now have more bikes than we know what to do with at our house, thanks to Friday garage sales!  Duncan has about 5 different bikes to choose from when we go out for a ride!  He has started riding on Elsie's old balance bike.

Duncan in action:

Of course, every time I take a photo, he wants to see what he looks like!

Elsie has graduated from the 12" to the 16" bike, and rides very smoothly without training wheels.  I was so excited to find this pink and purple bike at a yard sale earlier in the summer!!

Elsie in action:

Even when Elsie does take a stumble, she doesn't cry.  She just gets back on her bike and starts riding again!

Daddy horsey!

Duncan is getting pretty daring at the park.  He can climb most things by himself, and like to go high on the big boy swings!

Swinging together!  Elsie now swings all by herself - she gets herself started, and then keeps pumping until...

...she is higher than me!!  I'd say her friends' parents are pretty envious that I don't have to push Elsie anymore!

Go Elsie!

Getting big pushes from Daddy on the teeter totter!

Even more excited when Elsie jumps on the other side!

Swinging together on the bar!

Well, we are obviously still inside in our PJs for this picture.  They are both interested in music, and will often play instruments and sing together.  It can get pretty noisy, but it is so great seeing them play so well together!  Elsie likes to put the bells on Duncan's wrists or ankles and they'll march around the house, singing too, like they are in a parade!

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