Monday, July 1, 2013

Children's Museums in February

February, 2013

We hot a couple museums in February.  Our first stop was at the DuPage Children's Museum.  The kids had fun dropping the balls in the pockets, turning the wheel to make the belt go up, and then watching all of the balls fall down into a bucket.  And then it was time to start again!

Duncan's favorite pneumatic conveyor exhibit.  He loves putting the balls into the door, feeling the wind against his face, and then watching the balls disappear.

Elsie in the wind tunnel!  With that skirt on, I really don't think she needs to be holding the ribbons to demonstrate what is happening with the wind!

Then we hit the Kohl Children's Museum.  They have a great Wizard of Oz Exhibit right now, which is pretty lost on my kids, since they have never seen the movie.  But, I always have fun teaching them a little science when I can, so here Elsie is learning about a vortex.

I think their favorite part is where they get to paint their own faces.  So messy, especially when they lay down for nap when we get home!

We even took some time for baby prep!  Elsie was able to get Duncan to stay just long enough in the baby room to get this picture!

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