Monday, July 8, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

March 30, 2013

We spent Easter at the farm this year, and were so excited to participate in the greatest Easter Egg hunt of all time in Scotland, IL.  Duncan was able to participate with the other toddlers.

It was so hard for him to wait until they said go!

And, we're finally off!  There were maybe a dozen kids and tons of Easter Eggs!  At one point, Duncan started being pretty selective, and just went for the orange eggs!

Elsie and Leah were getting ready to participate in the preschool hunt as Daddy and John helped Duncan open all the eggs to see what candy and prizes were inside.

Listening intently to the instructions!

There were so many eggs, that Elsie was just going for the pink and purple ones!  Elsie even found the golden egg, which meant she won an extra big prize!  We had so much fun!!

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