Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vacation in the Wisconsin Dells

August 25 - 27, 2012

This summer we took our first vacation to the Wisconsin Dells.  We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge and enjoyed lots of water park fun at the lodge.  Unfortunately, cameras and water park and kids don't mix, so there are no pictures of the actual water park.   But, we did get some great pictures when we visited the Wisconsin Deer Park!

We were joined on our vacation by the Gaeto family.  They stayed in the next room over and Elsie and Ava loved being on vacation together!  The adults enjoyed meeting up on the balcony after bedtime!

Elsie the flower and Ava the deer.

Coolest trashcan ever!  Roar!

We started our deer park adventure with the goats.

They were some pretty talented goats, standing on top of all sorts of structures in their yard.

Smart Elsie is keeping her hand away from that goat!

Duncan is a big fan, of course!

Then we entered the deer park, where the deer just roam free!!  You can touch them, feed them, and apparently  hug them!

Hugging is OK, but don't touch the face!

We bought these crackers to feed the deer, and they were very excited to eat them.  I am trying to get a cracker out of the bag and hold Duncan back at the same time.  Duncan was not so sure.

Elsie loved feeding the deer.  I had to break up the crackers pretty small to make it all the way around the huge park!

Hi deer!!

When Duncan wasn't eating the crackers himself, he fed a few deer/  I was shocked that these deer just came right up to a crazy toddler in a stroller!

Our handsome boy!

Did you see that Dad?  I just climbed up the chair!

Moosejaw was a great restaurant for the kids and adults alike.  Check out that cool highchair!  Duncan Moose!


Elsie decided to give herself a fork mustache!  So cute!

Ava was not impressed!

The last day of our trip, we went horseback riding on a trail for about 45 minutes!  Elsie went with Daddy while Duncan and I went for a walk and hung out in the petting zoo.  Elsie and Ava both had a lot of fun!

Have fun guys!

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