Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fun at home in July

July 2012

Mommy's last day of work at Sara Lee was July 2!  Now I get to stay home with my kids every day!

We have been able to spend more time gardening.  Or at least we have time to water the plants and flowers, which has proven to be critical this year with the lack of rain this summer.  Grandpa stayed the night, and had the pleasure of watching Elsie make up a song while watering our tree.

Since we'll be at home more often, we had to fix a few things around the house.  Besides installing more safety locks and latches, we needed a fan that rotated the correct way in the summer, too.  Duncan was excited to help Daddy on the ladder!

Duncan helping Daddy with the fan!

We spend as much time as possible outside.  Duncan is starting to ride his bike around a bit.  He is not a huge fan of the helmet, though.

Duncan in action!

Of course Elsie wanted to show off her skills on the balance bike, too!  She is great on this thing!

Duncan is a total natural with sports.  He can just pick up this bat without any assistance from us.  He places his hands at the correct spot and knows exactly what to do with the bat.  He'll pick a ball up, put it on the tee, and swing!  If you try to correct his hands to a righty swing, he always goes back to a lefty.

Duncan often does a little check swing first to make sure he is lined up correctly!  It is so cute!

Basketball is still a family favorite.  Elsie has gotten better with passing and even dribbling.

The kids are still pretty disappointed that their shots don't even come close to the basket...

...but are always excited to get a little help from Dad!

Elsie likes to try to steal the ball from us now.  It is pretty fun to watch her run around in circles chasing the ball!

 To keep Mommy and Duncan sane when we are inside, we have added a basketball hoop to our kitchen / living room.  It is a big hit, and Duncan spends most of his time playing basketball.

Drive to the basket Duncan!

Duncan has 4 teeth, and we figured that was probably enough to try some corn on the cob.  He loved it!

In fact, Duncan just took the cob into his own hands and started munching away!  It is one of his favorite summer foods!

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