Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Museums during the hot days of summer!

July & August, 2012

We are members at the DuPage Children's Museum, and that allows us to visit any of the museums in the network for free.  So, when the day looks really hot or rainy, we head to the museum for some fun!

One of our favorite activities are these light sticks.  Both Elsie and Duncan can do it, and it just looks so cool!

Guess what Duncan found?!  Balls!

Elsie had fun at a new exhibit demonstrating energy production using a bicycle.  Keep pedaling Elsie!

We pack our lunch, and typically eat at the museum.  Then the kids fall asleep in the car on the way home.  I can get Duncan out of the car and up to his crib pretty easily, but Elsie is more challenging!  I'll often just bring my laptop and Duncan's monitor into the air-conditioned car and do some work until she wakes up!  Its really the only time she takes a nap anymore!  So cute!

We visited a small museum in Oak Park, and they had an art room!  Elsie had a lot of fun painting.

And once Duncan got his smock off, he had fun playing in the paints.  He was quite a mess when we left there!

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