Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fun at home in August

August, 2012

We play outside as much as possible.  And for Duncan, this means playing with balls.  In the matter of a few minutes, he played with the small basketball,

the golf ball,

and then the big basketball.

He went back to the golf ball and tried to shoot it into our neighbors' basketball hoop.  We have one, too, but Duncan likes to try to shoot into everybody's hoops.  Its like he is a dog marking his territory.

So, since he couldn't reach from our yard, he crept around to the Kramer's driveway to take a shot.  Whenever I can't find Duncan out back, I just look over into the Kramer's driveway, and there is is under the basketball hoop!

Hmm.  I think that bike may be just a bit too big.

That looks better!

Take a look at Elsie on her bike!  We ride our bikes a lot, especially after dinner.  Each night, we go for a walk around the block, which includes crossing the street twice.  Elsie rides her bike, Duncan gets a push in his bike, and Jack and I walk.  

Duncan and Elsie play really well together most of the time at home.  They find fun little spots to play, like in the closet!  They were just sitting quietly, putting blocks together!  So cute!

Duncan and Elsie really like to read together.  Elsie has many of our board books memorized.  And when she doesn't she just makes up the words.  We are so fortunate to have two children that like playing with each other (most of the time)!!

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