Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Duncan turns three weeks old

Last Wednesday, Duncan turned three weeks old. When Duncan was first born, I was excited to see that he had thin, long fingers with nice, long nail beds like his Daddy. In Duncan's third week, I noticed that this had changed - Duncan's fingers are now round and full, more similar to Mommy's. A good sign that Duncan is eating well. The eating has led to growing. His 3 months clothes are feeling pretty short - check out the arm length on this long-sleeve shirt!

We are also very fortunate that Duncan sleeps well at night. Once 10:00 hits, he seems to know that it is time for bed, sleeping for 2-4 hours between feedings. Most importantly, he typically falls asleep pretty quickly after the nighttime feedings.

When Duncan is awake during the day, we try to get in some good tummy time.
Lift up that head!
And turn it to the other side! So strong!

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