Monday, June 27, 2011

Brookfield Zoo

This year, we have a membership to the Brookfield Zoo. With our membership, we can go with guests for "free." We have gone twice so far, and the membership has certainly paid for itself!
The first visit to the zoo was with J-Ma and Papa Pete when Duncan was only 3.5 weeks old. We found a nice bench for us all to enjoy a snack - Elsie and Mom first, and then Duncan followed shortly after.
Elsie really enjoys the Children's Zoo, where she gets to pet the goats.
Wolf girls!
During both visits, the weather was cool and overcast. Great for two reasons: 1) there were no crowds at the zoo and 2) the animals were very active and available for us to see. In the Great Bear Wilderness, this huge grizzly bear was just taking a nap right next to the viewing window! The head and paws were huge!
The second time we went to the zoo, Uncle Aaron, Aunt Kris, John, and Leah joined us. The Little People were also there!
This buffalo was just right up next to the fence for us all to see. This animal is much bigger up close than had expected!
When Leah and John came to visit, they were on vacation. So, we turned it into a Phipps vacation...enjoying donuts for breakfast! You'll notice that Elsie's donut is upside down - she does this with all foods that you eat with two hands. Makes for some messy pizza-eating, too!

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