Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Duncan turns 5 weeks old

Last Wednesday, Duncan turned 5 weeks old. He also had his one-month checkup at the pediatrician. Everything looked great! Duncan now weighs 13 lbs (yes, this is large - he is in the 95th percentile) and measures 23in long. His head circumference is 39.5cm.

Duncan is more alert these days, and we have some good times hanging out on the floor. We like to practice following a toy (or mommy) with our eyes. Duncan has not yet learned that he can move his head to watch the toy go all the way around to the other side, but he can get his eyes to about a 75-degree angle.
We also like to exercise our arms and legs!
Duncan's preference is to look into the light - either the outdoors, the TV, or the overhead ceiling light.

He also likes watching Elsie. And Elsie likes doing whatever Duncan is doing. Its a good match!

Duncan dislikes tummy time, but he is definitely getting better! His head is getting higher for longer stretches of time.
We all enjoyed a visit from our friends, Jill and Scott, who swung by on a quick visit to Chicago.
Elsie has reached a few milestones herself. She can now put on and take off all of her clothing (mostly) by herself. The shirt is often the most difficult, requiring some guidance and some reassurance that she can do it. And the socks are often put back on inside out.
She has also figured out how to climb up onto the bar stool. This drives me crazy, because she just can't sit still. I can only imagine her chin hitting the counter as she plunges to the ground.
Elsie has also started replacing her beautiful smile with her "CHEESE" grin for the camera!

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