Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Duncan is two weeks old!

Last Wednesday, Duncan turned two weeks old.

Our first attempt at the weekly picture with Elsie was not so successful. Duncan was in no mood.
Elsie and Duncan both like admiring each other. Elsie asks so nicely "My hold Duncan please?"
Great Aunt Kaye and Great Uncle Wally stopped by for a visit. Duncan did his best to woo her, while Elsie acted shy.
The big highlight of the week was Elsie being sick. Elsie stayed home from school all week with a fever. On Monday after I picked Elsie up from school and stopped by the doctor's office, it was time for lunch. Before I could make Elsie a sandwich, she had fallen asleep on the couch!
And Duncan had fallen asleep with the fishies! This gave me about 10 minutes to eat my lunch before Duncan woke up. It was quite stressful managing two crying children at once, but we all made it through!!
Elsie did her best to keep herself entertained when my hands are full with Duncan. Here, she is browsing the gossip magazines I bought for the hospital. She would comment that the female models in the adds were "so pretty." Uh oh...
Doing my best to make Elsie feel better - she got to wear her tutu and carry around her puppy all day. I even let her keep her fleece on after we came back inside!
My little man all dressed up in his first tie!

Posing for the camera in the sweater J-Ma crocheted for him.
Getting a little bored of this photo shoot.
OK Mom. Stop taking pictures and come pick me up!

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