Saturday, May 21, 2011

Duncan turns one week old

Last Wednesday, Duncan turned one week old. Duncan did a great job in his first week. He slept quite a bit and kept his fussy times to a minimum. He is a great eater, which just really makes things easy.

It was a big week for all of us. Elsie was very interested in our new baby Duncan. She often wanted to know where he was, and asked very nicely if she could touch or hold Duncan. Elsie will be a great big sister.

Grandma got a few breaks from hanging out with Elsie to hold Duncan, too.

We took our first photo as a family of four. We've looked better, but we were all running on little sleep!

Duncan seems to enjoy sleeping in his chair in the living room. We had some wild weather swings - it was 90F on this day! Duncan's first weather record.

Ducnan spent a few moments in the jungle gym. Lazarus was pretty bummed that he had to give up his prime spot right in the middle.

Like Elsie, Duncan spits up a lot. Here he is wearing the last clean short-sleeve onesie. It says "Born in 2009." I figured that was better than pink shirt. At this point, we also remember to start using bibs! We made it almost a whole week before breaking out the bibs - this one is a freebie from the hospital. Time to go out and buy some boy shirts and bibs!

Duncan actually enjoys being held like this!

We received our new double stroller, too. After two days of working on it, Jack had it ready to go!

Elsie was very excited to test out the new stroller.

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