Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Jack and I will be celebrating out 10 year anniversary on September 7, 2012.  We decided to jump the gun a bit and really celebrate in March with a Mommy-and-Daddy-only trip to St. Martin.  J-Ma and Papa Pete flew to Chicago to take care of Elsie and Duncan for 6 days while we traveled down to the Caribbean for the first time.  It was a beautiful trip!  We stayed at the Grand Case Beach Club on the French Side of the island.  
Here is the view from our oceanfront balcony:
Our room was on the top floor of the white building on the left of this picture.  

A close-up of our building:

We spent our first afternoon out on the beach.  Although we applied a lot of sunscreen, our white skin quickly burnt under the beautiful sun.  So, the second afternoon, we decided to relax in the shade.  
Out on this rock, there is a small deck on the left side. 

We relaxed here reading and sleeping!

So peaceful!
We spent one morning in Marigot at the open air market.  I posed for a picture at this cool statue.  Since the inscription was in French, I have no idea what it was for.

On another day, we went snorkeling at Creole Rock.  The rock was just a short boat ride from our resort, so we had a semi-private tour given by our water sports coordinator.

We were very fortunate during out snorkeling trip for 2 reasons.  1- we went during lunch time, so we were really the only 5 people there!  2 - We saw many dolphins at the end of our trip.  We boated around with them for a while as they swam beneath and around the boat.  It was similar to our dolphin encounter in Hawaii just 9.5 years prior!

The town of Grand Case was just a short walk from our hotel.  So, we ventured out every night for some delicious food.  Most of the food was very French and very delicious.  One night we went to "LOLOs" (locally owned, locally operated) for some BBQ.  I loved that I was enjoying my dinner with 2 microwaves behind my head!


On our last night, we went to a place that served an amuse-bouche menu.  For appetizers, we enjoyed cold tomato soup from a straw, pea sorbet, red pepper and poppy seed sorbet, mussels, vegetable tempura, and some other shellfish choice of Jack's.

For dinner, I had duck leg confit with very whipped potato fluff, croque monsieur, crab cakes, mini sliders and fries, and scrambled egg and bacon.

Jack chose the duck leg and croque monsieur as well in addition to several selections of shellfish.

He got to use a pipette to sprinkle on the lemongrass oil.

It was an amazing dinner and we were so happy to have found it during our last night!

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