Thursday, May 3, 2012

Duncan is 50 weeks old

Three Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 50 weeks old.  Duncan has been really into the stools around the house.  Up and down, up and down!

Duncan had his last swim lesson at the YMCA this week.  He had a lot of fun over the 8 weeks of classes, and got to swim with Daddy, Mommy and Papa Pete!  Duncan was a big fan of splashing!

 Swimming after the rubby duckie was also a favorite.

 I got the duck!!  Yum!

Go Duncan go!

Duncan was always so tired at the end of the class.  He would fall asleep in the car on the way home!

 Duncan is always doing fun and interesting things at school.  Here they are experimenting with feathers and clay.

From the residue around his mouth, it looks like Duncan was really enjoying that clay!

That doesn't look so safe, Duncan!

Duncan has been a really big fan of slides, both at school and at the park with us.  He still needs me a little close-by, but he knows how to move around at the top so his legs are in front, and he knows how to scoot himself forward to get started on the decline.  

 Bugs and dirt in the sensory table!

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