Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Duncan is 48 weeks old

Four Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 48 weeks old...and he is still on the go!
One of Duncan's favorite places to go is to the cat food.  And once he starts trying, he just won't stop!  I take him away and get him interested in a different toy, but as soon as I get up to clean up the kitchen, he immediately heads back for the cat bowls!  So funny and frustrating at the same time!

Duncan still find the chairs fascinating, rocking them trying to see how far he can tip them over before they fall down.  And then when they do fall down, he tries to climb inside the legs of the chair.

Elsie brought home a large balloon from a birthday party, and Duncan was a big fan!  Chasing it all over the house! 

Go Duncan, go!

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