Thursday, May 3, 2012

Duncan is 51 weeks old

Two Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 51 weeks old!  And he is walking to Mommy, Daddy, Elsie, or a teacher.  He is a little more hesitant to walk towards a table or couch without encouragement and support.

Check out our big boy!

Duncan is also pretty good at opening the side door to our house.  We have to keep the dead bolt lock to make sure he doesn't escape!

I think he is trying to see if using this lock would help him escape.

Duncan really tries to make us laugh at the dinner table.  He has the cool trick where he tenses everything up, holding his arms out in front of him.  It is like some sort of mind melding activity.

Well, we just crakc up, which makes Duncan laugh, and then he is back at it.

I tried to get a video of his cool trick.  Instead of got a great video of lots of goofy Duncan tricks, including mind meld, laughing, raspberries, and kicky legs.  Such a happy entertainer!

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