Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Phipps Farm

We spent Thanksgiving on the farm this year. We had a lot of fun! We even got to ride in the combine and the tractor with Jack! Unfortunately, I forget the camera both times :(
On the way down to the farm, we stopped for lunch and Elsie had her first Burger King experience. She had Kraft mac-and-cheese and I got to eat her apples!

Elsie and Leah had fun playing near each other. They don't quite play together yet!

Matching sweaters!

Hanging out with Dad and Grandma Jan.

Elsie doesn't normally play by herself when we are at home. But, she was just fascinated by her high chair belt. She played with this belt for about 30 minutes, touching the buckle, banging it on the high chair legs, and, of course, trying to eat it! I had fun watching her learn!

Elsie had fun trying to play with Grandpa John's toys (papers, magazines, books, reading glasses...).

I think Maizey is still Elsie's favorite! Elsie chases after Maizey and grabs on to her fur. Maizey is very patient!

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  1. Great photos. I love the one of Leah and Elsie in their sweaters. I sent the link to Aunt Kaye but I know she checks in regularly anyway. My favorites are Elsie under the high chair looking at the camera, and Maizey and Elsie together. What a pair of cuties!

    Grandma Jan