Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Elsie is 45 weeks old

Elsie turned 45 weeks old on Tuesday. You will notice from these pictures that Elsie now loves to do the Michael Jordan tongue all the time - and always to the right side! Go Bulls?

On Saturday, we got all bundled up in our new snowsuit (thank Tara!) and went outside to enjoy the snow. The kids on our block took over an empty lot two doors down and built a few huge snowmen! Elsie did OK, but so far, the snow is not her favorite. I think it actually has to do more with the gloves, hat, boots, etc.

Aunt Kris, Uncle Aaron, John and Leah came up for a visit this past weekend. We all had a lot of fun playing together!

On Sunday, we hung out by the fire. Elsie and Dad were really giggling it up!

Elsie did another fun painting project at school in front of her favorite triangle mirror.

And the school newsletter:

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