Sunday, December 20, 2009

Elsie is 44 weeks old

Elsie turned 44 weeks old on Tuesday.

Elsie has started showing off some new skills this week. She seems to have fun pulling all of the blocks out of their bin in the table.

Elsie has also started "reading" a lot more books. She pulls them off of the table and hands them to Jack or I to read. With Pat the Bunny, Elsie can actually turn the pages by herself. She likes to touch the bunny and daddy's scratchy face, play peek-a-boo with Paul, read the last page of Judy's book and wave bye-bye. The other pages are boring in comparison!

We decorated the tree after carrying it home from a local grocery store. So far, Elsie has shown little interest in the tree or the ornaments. But Lazarus really enjoys sleeping under the tree.

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