Sunday, December 13, 2009

Elsie is 43 weeks old

Elsie turned 43 weeks old on Tuesday.

Elsie is still enjoying some old favorite activities - playing peek-a-boo (here she is using the couch to hide) and chasing the poor cats (run Lazarus run!).

Elsie is continuing to explore things on her own without needing to have constant contact with a parent. She is especially more interested in books lately.

Elsie has added "binky hunting" to her list of skills. She crawls into the mud room to find her car seat and looks for the binky hiding out in the seat. Here she is removing the blanket and inspecting it carefully for any signs of a binky! We are told she will do the same thing at school during the day!

Elsie has started carrying things around with her while she crawls and cruses through the house. She likes the duck, but really prefers anything with a cord.

And, of course, Elsie enjoys playing in boxes! They bring these out at school in the afternoon.

Here are some cool videos of Elsie walking without assistance. We started practicing on Saturday, Dec 4, in the afternoon. You will also see Elsie enjoying the mirror with a cord in this video! She can go about 30 minutes without putting this down!

And look how much better she had gotten by Monday evening!

And here is the update from school:

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